Welcome to My name is Jack and I run this place, as much as anything has been run around here.

I don't know how this site will evolve - I'm starting from scratch and learning HTML as I go. It'll be a slow process cos I'm horribly rusty (and twenty plus years behind the times) but code is code and and it does what you tell it: if you're speaking its language. So, gradually, something will take shape.

I am a mechanic. Truth be told I never mastered much more than 0s and 1s and cogs and levers: but there everything is understandable. If it doesn't work, you fucked up. Somewhere, there is fault in your reasoning, so you trace back through your arguments (your ANDs and NANDs, and ORs and IFs) find your mistake, rectify it and then off you go again, structuring the process upon which you are working.

Were life that simple, huh? More to say on that later :-)-: but for now just to say hi, didn't die. I'm here and working on it, getting to grips with the tools at my disposal, without relying on a third party for security!

So, coming soon(ish) all new! personal perspectives, reflections and confessions, with a bit of history, mythology, psychology, irony... and, a whole lot of blasphemy.

This is part one of Anthony deMello's 'Wake Up To Life!' conference from 1986. Tony was my spiritual inspiration:

Anthony deMello, Wake up to Life '86 Part 1 by zionysus